A Better Portfolio

Our goal is to partner with families to create and implement an investment plan that truly is designed uniquely for each client. We know that the intricacies involved in coordinating tax, estate and financial planning can be overwhelming for clients, yet few firms seek to facilitate communication between critical professionals, leaving the family with the role of “coordinator.”

We believe that asset location and function should contribute to the design of an overall investment allocation, at both a security and asset class level. Without looking at a plan holistically, we would be bound to make sub-optimal investment decisions; hence, a primary objective is to ensure that there is a collaboration between all critical parties in the development, implementation and maintenance of a comprehensive plan. However, we believe also in being the best at what we do, which means we work in tandem with a hand selected group of independent and competent professionals with a high degree of integrity. Many times we also work with a client's existing professional relationships. Our objective is to bring together the best minds in business in a truly independent environment.

Because we know that every client, as well as every investment manager, is unique, we believe it is our job to be sure everyone is "on the same page" and that all risks are assessed and goals being reached.


  • Financial consulting for families and their estates
  • Investment management
  • Consulting for private investments, closely held businesses

*A note on fee-only services:   To protect our clients' interests, all fees are hourly, fixed or asset-based fees, ensuring that every decision is made only with the benefit to our client in mind. An asset-based fee structure aligns the incentives for the manager and the client, so allocation choices are completely objective with a common interest in the most appropriate investment strategy. We believe it's the only way for us to truly sit 100% on the same side of the table as our clients.

Because we always remember that we have been placed in a position of trust, to manage our client's money with their interests as our only interests.

Our consulting process consists of developing, implementing, or maintaining a financial and estate plan, and selecting the most appropriate investments for an investors objectives and tolerances. This includes looking at net worth from a "macro" perspective, while building portfolios from the ground up which are unique to that family. Wealth management services are the processes involved in understanding the most appropriate investments for each client, and implementing those transactions. With years of experience in managing investments for client accounts ranging from 50,000 to 25 million, combined with a dedication to excellence in all that we do makes us uniquely qualified to advise and manage assets for sophisticated and average investors alike. This requires regular communication with each of our clients, and we make an effort to be in regular contact with each client to ensure that we're doing the best possible job for them.

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