Looking for Change?

As clients and advisors move toward independent advisory models, our business is growing.


We are looking for investment advisors with the right mix of entrepreneurial spirit, desire to focus on client relationships, and ability to work as part of a successful team. If you have an established book of business and would like to learn more, contact us for a completely confidential conversation.


Our Team
As a wealth management firm, the services we provide are focused upon financial planning and portfolio management. We believe that a key role of an investment manager is to think through a client's ability to take risk, as well as their tolerance for risk, and to educate clients in the process of establishing an investment plan.


Employment Philosophy

  • Client Focus. Our first job is to keep our team running smoothly, ensuring that our clients receive top-notch service at all times.
  • Team Effort. Our clients tap the collective expertise of our team. Together, we are stronger than the sum of our parts.
  • Work to Established Strengths, Develop New Strengths. When we all work to our strengths, everyone is better off. This means that we allow every employee, over time, to shift into positions for which they are best suited. When interests shift, we encourage professional development and continuing education, and provide incentives to encourage these activities.
  • Become a Stakeholder. Every employee has the potential to participate in the firm's success and become owners in the company.
  • You Manage Client Relationships, Our CFAs Manage Portfolios. Clients interface with our team through a Relationship Manager, who helps establish objectives and risks. Our Relationship Managers then work with our in-house team of CFA Charterholders, who undertake action to manage portfolios according to each individual client’s goals.
  • Full Technology and Personnel Support Structure. Our customized suite of technology and professional support staff are developed to help you do your job and do it well.
  • Compensation Makeup. Base Salary + Benefits + Individual Revenue Share + Firm Revenue Share + Discretionary Bonuses + Ownership Vesting + Account Ownership.

Doing Well By Doing Good.

We also believe that doing good is part of doing well. So we donate 50% of our profit every year to nonprofit partners working for humanitarian and economic good in Chattanooga and beyond. Because we believe that acts of support are acts of faith, and that by starting somewhere, together we can get somewhere even better.

If the timing is right in your career, contact us for more information. All inquiries are confidential.

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